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A Year in Blogs – April

April Blog Spring has sprung, but only just. The cold nights have held things back from exploding into life and as we head towards the end of April the hedges are only half way out.  But it is great to see the flauna and fauna wake up and emerge from its winter slumber. Arable –  […]

A Year in Blogs – March

March Blog Over the last few weeks we seemed to have had all four seasons rolled into one week at Walgrave, Northants, it will be dry and cold on the Monday/Tuesday, rain heavily on the Wednesday and Thursday with strong winds on the Friday and then mild and dry at the weekend turning cold.  But […]

A Year in Blogs – February

February Blog The weather at the end of January was very much like it began, the storms kept rolling in on a weekly basis which kept the water table nice and high on the farm.  Only the ducks seemed to appreciate this and the 40 newly planted Cricket Bat Willows. Arable – despite the wet and windy conditions […]

A Year in Blogs – January

January Blog As it’s the start of 2016, we thought we would spend a bit of time each month to talk about what we are up to and plan to do over the coming weeks. What better way to start than on the 1st January. Arable – Well the first thing to note is that it’s […]

Update on our Bird & Conservation Strips

Back in June we posted about our continued focus on the environment and our aim to give a little back to our feathered friends on the farm at Walgrave during the winter months.  Despite a very dry spring/early summer, most of our cover crops have come up well and we have already seen our first covey of Grey […]

Small Bale Seed Haylage

At J.A. Knight Farms & Son Ltd we take great care in making sure our seed Haylage is the best quality for our customers.  In this process we individually bale each haylage bale with our conventional Newholland baler and then pack 10 small bales into a square pack using an Arcusin B14.  Once wrapped these […]

Bird & Conservation Cover Crops

During the end of May we drilled around 6 acres of Kings Wild Bird seed mixtures as part of our Entry Level Stewardship scheme in Walgrave, Northampton.  We have chosen a mix that offers a winter hardy cover and season long feed for farmland birds as well as game birds for our small farm shoot.  Thanks to the […]

Spring marks the start of Spot Spraying

Over the last few years we have found there has been an increasing demand for our spot spraying services within Northampton and Leicestershire aimed at horse paddocks and grassland areas. Our ATV is equipped with a Logic sprayer that can be operated using a hand lance for small areas or 3m boom for larger patches […]

Busy as a Bee?

This busy honey bee was snapped last Sunday in Walgrave, Northampton pollinating our Oilseed Rape crop. Not only was it a Sunday, but he’d travelled over a mile from the nearest bee hive and average’s 10 trips outside of the hive per day at between 1 to 1.5 miles per trip!

Small Bale Barley straw heading West

A few years ago we purchased an Arcusin B14 which picks up our small bales (hay or straw) and packs them into packs of 14 bound by 4 strings. This has revolutionised our handling and output of small bale hay and straw. As the picture illustrates we can handle large quantities of bales using one […]