Hay, Haylage & Straw

Since the summer of 2006 we have been producing small bale haylage for the equine market, this has grown year on year and we now produce a wide range of home produced fodder for both the equine market and small farms.  We have always ensiled or dried grass for our own livestock for feeding in the winter months, so our background knowledge and understanding of the process’s needed to make quality feed has been homed over the 50+ years of farming.


Our hay is made from predominately meadow grass with a few fields of Italian ryegrass and Timothy grass also cut for specific customer needs.  Depending on the quality of the grass and the weather gods, the hay will either be baled into small conventional bales and packed into packs of 21 using a Bale Baron or into big bales using a 120 x 90 cm Krone Baler.


Our haylage is made from italian rye grass, which we will cut three times a year.  Our first cut haylage if for horses that require a high energy content such as hunters or competition horses, with second/third cuts generally for laminitics, horse’s prone to dust and lower intensity energy requirements.

These are available in bags weighing between 18-20kg or big square 120 x 90cm bales for the larger horse yards.

Since 2019 we have changed our the way we produce our small bales and have moved away from individually wrapping conventional small bales to a more effective and efficient bagged system.


Our straw comes in the form of small conventional or large 120 x 90 bales, the small bales can be packed into packs of 21 using a Bale Baron.

Every attempt is made to reduce dust in the straw from the moment it is combined.  This is achieved by baling the straw at below 15% and storing undercover as soon as it is baled.  If the straw has been rained on, we will not bale it into small bales for the equine market and instead will go through it with a hay bob to aerate the straw before baling it into big bales for the livestock market.

We can offer all types of straw – Barley, Oat, Wheat and OSR

Delivery service

We offer a delivery service to all our customers throughout the year, please contact us to discuss your requirements: