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Farming Since the 1900’s

J A Knight & Son Farmers Ltd is a successful family run business based near Walgrave, Northamptonshire.  Our aim is to meet the expectations of our clients using up to date machinery and well trained operators.

Today, the grain is all sold through grain merchants who market our produce based on variety and the quality we attain in that year. Our cropping rotation currently consists of Winter Wheat, Spring Barley, Grass Leys and Oilseed Rape. Our aim is to achieve consistent yields year after year through careful management of the soil, inputs and cultivation techniques.

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Successful family run business since the early 1900’s

Arnold Knight began as a cattle dealer in the early 1900’s.  After becoming successful in the 1920’s he was able to purchase land in a small settlement close to Walgrave known as Faxton.  Over the following generations J A Knight & Son have expanded over several neighbouring farms in and around Walgrave village and still holding ownership of the original land that was bought by Arnold.