A Wide Range of Arable Services

Whether it be a complete ‘stubble to stubble’ contract agreement or individual operations we are happy to offer our services to meet your requirements.  Our aim is to do the job right and to meet the expectations of our clients using up to date machinery and well trained operators.  Through well timed operations we aim to maximise the potential of the crop to gain the greatest efficiencies and profit.


  • Newholland CR 9.80 30ft header with GPS auto guidance, yield and moisture monitor
  • Grain carting using AS Marston trailers with hydraulic tail gates and flotation tyres as well as a HM 18t Grain trailer


  • 3 metre Simba unipress with ST sprung active tines with a Stocks rapeseed unit for direct drilling
  • 5 furrow Dowdeswell reversible plough with 2 metre press
  • 7 legged Simba flat lift sub soiler with Weaving low disturbance legs
  • 5.5 metre Unipress with levelling board
  • 10.2 metre Opico HE-VA Cambridge rolls
  • 2 x 3 metre heavy flat rolls


  • 4 metre Vaderstaad Rapid with system discs
  • 4 metre Weaving tined drill
  • 3 metre stocks unit for direct drilling OSR & Field Turnips

Crop Spraying

  • 12/24 metre Knight 3000L trailed sprayer, with GPS area mapping, auto shut off and guidance

Fertiliser Spreading

  • Kuhn Axera EMC with vario rate application for N, P & K
  • Stocks slug pelleter applicator