Accredited Grain Storage & Weighbridge

All our grain stores are accredited by both ACCS (Assured Combinable Crop Scheme) and GTAS (GAFTA Trade Assurance Scheme) industry measures, enabling us to provide grain storage for local farms and merchants.

Our weighbridge is accompanied with an automatic grain spear to insure all weights are accurately measured, grain samples taken and processed in our on farm laboratory.

By following the HGCA grain storage guide, we aim to condition the grain for long-term storage by assessing its temperature.  We operate a wireless control system that continuously monitors the grain temperatures, ambient temperature/humidity and records the information on the internet every hour.  If the grain requires cooling, then the temperature probes can be set to activate the fans at a pre-set trigger point to cool the grain at the optimum temperature differentiation giving rapid cooling, cost-effective and carbon-efficient cooling

Our aim when conditioning the grain –

Target: within 2 weeks of harvest – below 15 degrees

Target: within 3-4 months of harvest – below 12 degrees

Target: end of December – below 5 degrees