Advanced Grass & Baling Machinery

Since 2006 we have specialised in grass and baling machinery to deal with large quantities of small bales, whether it be hay, haylage or straw.

In 2010 we purchased a Tawi 200-A small bale wrapper, which individually wraps conventional bales either in the field or stationary in the yard.  (Show video of it working)

In 2012 we purchased an Arcusin multi-pack bale packer which individually picks up single conventional bales and packs them into packs of 10 or 14’s which are then bound by four strings.  This has revolutionised the way we handle small bales giving us increased output at lower labour costs.

Our services range from:

  • Mowing – 2.4 metre Lely mower
  • Topping – 3 metre Kuhn flail topper
  • Tedding – 3 – 7.7 metre tedder
  • Raking – 3 – 8 metre rake
  • Baling – 570 newholland small square baler
  • Small Bale wrapping – Tawi 200+
  • Small Bale packing – Arcusin Multi pack B14
  • Bale Carting