Small Bale Barley straw heading West

Loading two packs of straw onto the lorry - 28 bales at once

Loading two packs of straw onto the lorry – 28 bales at once

A few years ago we purchased an Arcusin B14 which picks up our small bales (hay or straw) and packs them into packs of 14 bound by 4 strings. This has revolutionised our handling and output of small bale hay and straw. As the picture illustrates we can handle large quantities of bales using one man and a loader. Our ultimate goal is quality and consistency, with this machine we have been able to concentrate on baling at optimal times with the knowledge that we can clear a field and stack it safely in our straw shed if the weather looks to break.

We still have a good supply of small bale hay and straw available so please contact us if you require a competitive quote and delivery.

602 small bales loaded and we didn't man handle 1

602 small bales loaded and we didn’t man handle 1

Importance of Organic Matter

March 2015 003

John waiting to be loaded with FYM

On the 6th March the favourable ground conditions meant we could finally get onto the arable fields and start preparing for spring drilling. Our first task was to spread 400 tonnes of FYM (farm yard manure) onto some over wintered stubble prior to ploughing.

Over the last 4 years we have grown to appreciate the importance of organic matter and the huge role it has on increasing crop yield, quality and soil structure. We are drilling spring barley this year using a variety called Tipple, which we hope will make malting spec.  Whilst it’s straw will be baled into small bales using our Arcusin B14 and sold to our equine customers.

Merlo loading muckspreader with FYM

Merlo loading muckspreader with FYM

Spring Calving has started.

bits and bobs 059

First calf of 2015

Our Aberdeen Angus suckler herd started calving early this year with the first of the spring calves being born last week.  A strong little pedigree heifer, which we hope to retain as breeding stock for the future at J.A. Knight & Son Ltd pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd.  Our second calf came yesterday and there are a few more cows that are close to calving and my make an appearance before the weekend.